This is considered the most beautiful part of the Western Tatras. The valley is surrounded by massive peaks, dominated by the majestic Baníkov. At 2,178 m, the “King of Roháče” has the highest summit in the Western Tatras. The difficult ascent from Tri Kopy has earned it the nickname “Treacherous Beauty”. There is a more pleasant route to the summit from the Žiar Valley in Liptov. Ostrý Roháč and Volovec form an inseparable pair of rocky summits that resemble a pair of devil’s horns, which may be where their appropriate name came from. The first peak of the Roháče ridge is Plačlivé, which together with Ostrý Roháč gives the Western Tatras its characteristic silhouette. The third peak in this group is Volovec, which gives the most beautiful view of the Western Tatras.