Orava Castle Oravský Podzámok

the best-known landmark of the region is one of the most picturesque, most interesting and most frequently visited castles in Slovakia. Its appearance and its position in a narrow valley on steep rocky cliff above the River Orava have given it a firm place in the popular imagination. The exhibitions of the Orava Museum present the life and culture of the people of Orava. Orava Castle has been declared a national cultural heritage monument in honour of its unique and striking architecture. The castle has been a major setting in Slovak and foreign films. Its mysterious corridors sent chills down many a viewer’s back as Count Dracula stalked up the castle stairs in Nosferatu the Vampire. The same corridors rang with laughter at the antics of proud Princess Anna in King Thrushbeard. Other films that used the castle as a location included Adam Sangala, Železná päsť, Koza Labka, the American film DragonHeart, DragonHeart 2 and the Princess and the Pauper. The last film to be made here was Tomas and the Falcon King in 2000.