Western Tatras

The Western Tatras are similar to the High Tatras, especially because of their rocky peaks which reach heights of more than 2,000 m.

Some of the most interesting trails include the trail to Ostrý Roháč, and the difficult hike on the ridge to Baníkov – Tri kopy – Hrubá kopa –be ready for sharp rocky cliffs and many chains. Hiking to Skriniarky is only for the brave of heart, while the hike to the peak of Baranec is less dangerous, but still requires that you be in good shape. This trail is also excellent for lovers of ski-alpinism. Those who are not ready for difficult hiking trails can go for a hike in the ridges of Žiarske or Smutné sedlo, which are also popular destinations for ski-alpinists.

The westernmost part of the Tatras is less difficult; the ridges are grass covered, but hikers must also be in good shape.