Basic information

The interesting region of Kysuce, situated in the midst of picturesque mountains in northwest Slovakia, takes its name from the Kysuca River which flows through it. The fact that it is situated on the border of Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Poland only enhances the attractiveness and diversity of this region. 

The heavily forested mountain ranges of Kysucké Beskydy, Javorníky, Turzovská and Kysucká vrchoviny reach heights of 1,000 to 1,200 meters.

In the past, Kysuce was one of the poorest regions of Slovakia. Poverty drove people to emigrate in search of work, especially to the mines in Ostrava and Karviná (Czech Republic) and even to America.

Today, Kysuce is one of the most interesting and peaceful regions in terms of tourism. The unbelievable silence and pristine nature provide ideal conditions for the traditional activities such as picking forest berries and mushrooms, trout fishing and hunting.

Most accommodation facilities are family pensions and private lodges and cottages. Many wooden houses (log cabins) have been preserved from the past and their owners use them for recreational purposes. Winter visitors flock to the Veľká Rača Oščadnica ski resort, which is one of the best equipped resorts in the country. Veľká Rača, the highest peak in the region and its symbol is 1,236 meters above sea level.



Apartmány "Stará Bystrica" Stará Bystrica

Apartmány "Stará Bystrica" od 32 €
Types of rooms: 5xcottage - 2xAPT: 1x4

Apartmány "u Medvedíka" Makov

Types of rooms: 1xAPT: 2x4; 1xAPT: 2x2, 1x4; max. 16

Apartmány u Jaňola Oščadnica

Apartmány u Jaňola od 10 €
Types of rooms: 1xAPT: 1x2+1, 1xAPT: 1x2+2, 1xAPT: 1x4+2, max. 13

Chata Barbara Oščadnica

Chata Barbara od 11 €
Types of rooms: 1xAPT: 1x3, +4; 1xAPT: 1x2+2; 1xAPT: 1x3, 1x2; 1xAPT: 1x2, 1x4; 1xAPT: 1x4 + 1x3; 1xAPT: 1x3; max. 32


Chalupa "Mariana" *** Stará Bystrica

Chalupa "Mariana" *** od 12 €
Types of rooms: 2x2, 4x2+1, max. 16

Chata "za Grapou" Oščadnica

Chata "za Grapou" od 9 €
Types of rooms: A: 1x4; B: 2x3; C: 1x5, 1x2; max. 17

Chata Korcháň Raková

Chata Korcháň od 130 €
Types of rooms: 2xcottage: 3x2, 1x2+1

Chata Poľana Čierne

Chata Poľana od 65 €
Types of rooms: 2x3+2, 1xAPT: 1x3+1, max. 14

Chata Vyhňa Nová Bystrica

Chata Vyhňa od 40 €
Types of rooms: 1x2+3, +1; max. 6

Chaty "Mountain House" Oščadnica

Chaty "Mountain House" od 50 €
Types of rooms: A: 1xAPT: 2x2, 1xAPT: 1x4, +2; B: 1x4, +1; max. 15

Drevenica "Home 66" Raková

Drevenica "Home 66" od 100 €
Types of rooms: 4x2, 1x2+1, max. 11

Rekreačné zariadenie "Dolina" Raková

Rekreačné zariadenie "Dolina" od 12.3 €
Types of rooms: 1x2, 16x2+1, 1x3+2, 6x5+2; summer cottages 10x5; max. 147


Horský hotel "Fran" Makov

Horský hotel "Fran" od 15 €
Types of rooms: 12x2, 7x3, 3x4, + spare beds

Hotel 2**

Hotel Bocy ** Oščadnica

Hotel Bocy ** od 21 €
Types of rooms: 2x2, 6x3, 3x4, 1x APT: 2x2, 1x APT: 1x2, 1x1+1, 1x APT: 1x2, 1x3; max. 47

Hotel Kolonial ** Skalité

Hotel Kolonial ** od 17 €
Types of rooms: 10x2, 1x3; 2xAPT: 1x2+1; 4xAPT: 1x2+1, +2; max. 49

Hotel 3***

Hotel Marlene *** Oščadnica

Hotel Marlene *** od 25 €
Types of rooms: 13x2+1, 6x2+2, 1xAPT Lux: 2x2+2, 1xAPT Classic: 1x4+2, 1xAPT Classic: 1x4+1, 1xAPT Family: 2x2; congr. centr. 2x2+1 with fireplace, 2x2+1, 2xAPT Lux with fireplace: 1x2+2; max. 108

Family run hotel

Penzión Cechospol ** Skalité

Penzión Cechospol ** od 12 €
Types of rooms: 2x2; 1x2+1, 3x2+2, 2x3, 3x3+2; 1xAPT: 1x3+1, 1x2, +4; max. 50

Penzión Fuňák *** Oščadnica

Penzión Fuňák *** od 11 €
Types of rooms: 4x2+1, 2xrodinná izba 1x2 + 1x2+1; max. 22

Penzión Gájuz *** Oščadnica

Penzión Gájuz *** od 18 €
Types of rooms: 12x3+1, 1x5, max. 53

Penzión HM Oščadnica

Penzión HM od 15 €
Types of rooms: 4x2; 4x2+2, max. 24

Penzión Mária Korňa

Penzión Mária od 24 €
Types of rooms: 7x2+1, 2x2, 3x4, 1x5; cottage 1x3, 1x6, +2; max. 53

Penzión Solisko *** Oščadnica

Penzión Solisko *** od 24 €
Types of rooms: 14x2; 2xAPT: 1x2; +13; max. 45

Penzión u Holtána Oščadnica

Penzión u Holtána od 13 €
Types of rooms: 1x1+1, 4x2, 1x2+1, 2x3, 1x4, max. 23

Penzión Wolf klub Zborov nad Bystricou

Penzión Wolf klub od 33 €
Types of rooms: 4xAPT: 1x3+1, max. 16

Family guesthouse

Rekreačný dom v Turzovke Turzovka

Rekreačný dom v Turzovke od 5 €
Types of rooms: 2x1, 2x2, 3x3, 1x5, max. 20

Ubytovanie u Jakuba *** Oščadnica

Ubytovanie u Jakuba *** od 11 €
Types of rooms: 2x2, 2x4, max. 12