Basic information

Only the Liptov region can be proud of the fact that it is surrounded by the highest and most beautiful Slovak mountain ranges. Its picturesque background is created by the rocky peaks of the High Tatras and Western Tatras on the north, and the burly ridges of the Low Tatras on the south. The valley of Liptovská kotlina is marked by the Veľká Fatra and Chočské vrchy mountain ranges on the west, and the distinctive mountain range named Kozie chrbty lies to the east. Local nature, coniferous and mixed forests, rocky mountain ridges, mountains with glaciers and mountain lakes in the Tatras and caves full of karst formations suitable for tourism are the true treasures of Liptov.

Mountains, untouched nature, historical monuments, distinctive folk architecture, as well as developed infrastructure and winter and summer sports resorts make Liptov one of the most popular sites for tourists from home and abroad. It is a region of skiing, hiking, cycling as well as of thermal springs and water parks. Ski resorts attract visitors in the winter, while in the summer the water of the Liptovská Mara water reservoir provides ideal opportunities for swimming and sports. Local water parks and spas are year-round attractions.

The Vlkolínec Folk Architecture Reservation inscribed in the UNESCO List of the World Heritage is one of the highlights of Liptov’s historical and cultural monuments.



Apartmány "Dreams" Bešeňová

Apartmány "Dreams" od 28 €
Types of rooms: 1xAPT: 1x2+1, 1xAPT: 1x3+1, 2xAPT: 1x4+1; 1xstudio, max. 19

Apartmány Tamír Bobrovec

Types of rooms: Tatiana 1x2+2, min. 2; Tomo 2x4,+2, min. 4; max. 14

Drevenica pod Sitieňom Lazisko

Types of rooms: 3xAPT: 1x2, 1x3; 2xAPT: 1x2, 1x1+2; 1xAPT: 1x2, 1x3+2; min. 4, max. 31

Montana apartmány a chata Bobrovec

Montana apartmány a chata od 8 €
Types of rooms: APT A 1x3, 1x2+1, APT B 1x2+1, chata 1x2, 1x4, max. 15


Apartmánové chatky "Aquaduo" Liptovská Sielnica

Apartmánové chatky "Aquaduo" od 35 €
Types of rooms: 2 holiday home: 2x2, +1

Chata "Denisa" a domček "Monika" Liptovské Revúce

Chata "Denisa" a domček "Monika" od 10 €
Types of rooms: Denisa: A - 1x2, 2x4, 1x2, max. 12; B - 2x4, 1x2, max. 10; Monika: 1x4, 1x2 with balcony, 1x4, 1x2+1, max. 13; each section min. 6

Chata Dúbrava Dúbrava

Types of rooms: 2x2, 2x3, +2, min. 4, max. 12

Chata u Vodníka Liptovské Revúce

Chata u Vodníka od 8 €
Types of rooms: 2x4, max. 8

Horáreň pod Dobákom Lazisko

Horáreň pod Dobákom od 64 €
Types of rooms: hunting lodge 3x2, 2x3, +2, max. 14; side building 1x3, 1x2, 1x1, max. 6

Rekreačný dom "Žiar" Žiar

Rekreačný dom "Žiar" od 10 €
Types of rooms: 5x2, 1x4, max. 14

Hotel 3***

Horský hotel "Mních" *** Bobrovec

Horský hotel "Mních" *** od 30 €
Types of rooms: 6x2, 14x2+1; 3xAPT: 1x2,+2; 5xcottage 1x2, 1x3, max. 91

Hotel Koliba Gréta *** Liptovská Sielnica

Hotel Koliba Gréta *** od 20 €
Types of rooms: main building: 5x2, 2x2+1, 2xAPT 1x2+1; 5xcottage: 2x2, 2x2+1, max. 72

Hotel Summit *** Bešeňová

Hotel Summit *** od 53 €
Types of rooms: 18x2+1; 2x studio 1x2+2; 2xAPT: 1x2, +2, max. 73

Resort Villa Betula *** Liptovská Sielnica

Types of rooms: 2x2+1; 2x2+2; 4xAPT(Duplex): 2x2+2; 2xAPT(Classic): 1x2+,1+2; 1xAPT(with gazebo): 1x2+1, +2; 10xmobil house: 2x2, +2; caravan: 2x2, +2; tents: 2x2 a 1x2

Family run hotel

Aspen Villa Bobrovec

Aspen Villa od 10 €
Types of rooms: 1x3+2, 1x3+1, 1x4, 1x4+2, max. 19

Chalupa Sonja Lúčky

Chalupa Sonja od 15 €
Types of rooms: 2x2, +2; 1x4+1, 1x2, max 13

Chata Horec ** Liptovské Revúce

Chata Horec ** od 8 €
Types of rooms: 3x4+1, 2x4+1, 1x APT: 1x2+1, max. 28

Penzión "Jánošíkova krčma" Valaská Dubová

Types of rooms: 6x2; 2xAPT: 1x3; 2xAPT: 1x4; + spare beds, max. 34

Penzión Hippoclub Liptovská Sielnica

Penzión Hippoclub od 16 €
Types of rooms: 7x2+1, max. 21

Penzión Reny Likavka

Penzión Reny od 8 €
Types of rooms: 1x2, 1x2+2, 3x2, 1x2+2, 1x2, 1x1, max. 19

Penzión Soltis Liptovské Revúce

Penzión Soltis od 12 €
Types of rooms: 11x2+1, 2x4, 1x4+2, 1x6+2, max. 55

Penzión Stará Pekáreň ** Lisková

Types of rooms: 1x2+1, 3xAPT: 1x4+1, 1xAPT: 1x5+1, max. 24

Family guesthouse

BB Privat Bobrovec

BB Privat od 6.5 €
Types of rooms: 1xAPT: 2x4, 1xAPT: 3x4, 8x tent, 2x caravan

Domček u Milana *** Liptovské Revúce

Domček u Milana *** od 10 €
Types of rooms: 1x1, 2x2+2, 1x2, min. 5, max. 11

Privát "Maroš" Liptovská Osada

Privát "Maroš" od 10 €
Types of rooms: 2x3, 1x4, max. 10

Privát "Pod lipou" Liptovská Osada

Types of rooms: 4x2+1, max. 12

Rekreačný dom Marína Liptovská Sielnica

Rekreačný dom Marína od 7 €
Types of rooms: 4x4, max. 16

Ubytovanie Gabriela Ivachnová

Types of rooms: 1xAPT: 1x4+2, 1xAPT: 1x5, max. 11