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“Orava’s good, Orava’s healthy,” says one folk song about Slovakia’s coldest and most northerly region, famous for its picturesque landscapes and fresh air. It is a long time since Orava was just a poor region where the people grew potatoes and cabbages, sent wood down the river in rafts and raised sheep. It is situated in north-west Slovakia on the border with Poland. The region is one of the most attractive in Slovakia for tourism, with something for everyone: picturesque countryside, which could have been designed for active recreation, the majestic Orava Castle and traditional wooden cottages, Slovakia’s most largest artificial lake – the Orava Reservoir, churches inscribed in the UNESCO World Heritage List and even an aquapark and ski centre. The region includes the most northerly point in Slovakia – Babia hora. In the south-east the region is bordered by the Western Tatras, in the south by the Choč Mountains and in the south-west a spur of the Veľká Fatra brushes the region. Orava is most popular with walkers and cyclists, but there is also plenty for those who seek out natural beauty spots, winter sports fans and those who love art, history and folklore. Visitors can relaxed in unspoilt natural surroundings or warm, therapeutic water. The region includes a small part of the Western Tatras with high peaks such as Ostrý Roháč. The sharp ridge of this range zigzags extensively over a total length of 35 km.  The most beautiful and the most frequently visited part of the mountains is called Roháče, and it is a paradise for walkers and cyclists. In the foothills of Roháče you can find the Museum of the Orava Village – an open-air museum showing how people lived in Orava in the past. Historic folk architecture can be found in many villages in Orava, the most valuable being the folk architecture reserve in Podbiel and the aforementioned open-air museum at Zuberec



Chaty "Gabo" Habovka

Chaty "Gabo" od 8 €
Types of rooms: A: 2x3, 1xAPT: 2x2; 1xAPT: 1x2, 1x3; B: 1x2, 1x3; max. 20


Chalupa "Michaela" Párnica

Chalupa "Michaela" od 68 €
Types of rooms: 1x3, 1x4, +5; max. 12

Chalúpka "Pri mlyne" Podbiel

Chalúpka "Pri mlyne" od 50 €
Types of rooms: 1x2, 3x3; min. 3, max 10

Chata "Blava" Nižná

Chata "Blava" od 10 €
Types of rooms: 2x2; 2x3, 1x4, max. 14

Chata "Karin" Vyšný Kubín

Chata "Karin" od 10 €
Types of rooms: 2x3, 2x4, +2; max. 16

Chata "Karolínka" Oravská Lesná

Chata "Karolínka" od 50 €
Types of rooms: 4x2, +5; max. 13

Chata "Malá Lučivná" Párnica

Types of rooms: 1x1, 3x2, 1x3, max. 10

Chata "Pri potoku" Habovka

Types of rooms: 1xAPT: 1x2; 1xAPT: 1x2+1; 1xAPT: 2x2; 1xAPT: 1x2, 1x3; max. 14

Chata "Racibor" Oravský Podzámok

Chata "Racibor" od 100 €
Types of rooms: A: 2x3, 1x3+1; B: 1x2+1; max. 13

Chata "Roháče" Oravský Biely Potok

Chata "Roháče" od 7.5 €
Types of rooms: 2x2, 2x3, max. 10

Hotel 2**

Wellness Hotel Tyrapol** Oravská Lesná

Wellness Hotel Tyrapol** od 14 €
Types of rooms: 3x1+1, 6x2, 4x2+1, 2x2+2, 5x3, 5x3+1, 2x4, 4x5, max. 101

Hotel 3***

Hotel Arman *** Nižná

Types of rooms: 38x2, 5xAPT: 1x2; max. 86

Orava Hotel *** Vitanová

Types of rooms: 21x2; 2x rodinná izba: 1x4; 2x rodinná izba: 1x2, 1x2+1; max. 60

Wellness hotel "Julianin dvor" *** Habovka

Wellness hotel "Julianin dvor" *** od 21 €
Types of rooms: 26x2 + spare beds

Family run hotel

Koliba a penzión "Josu" Zuberec

Types of rooms: chalet: 5x2, 5x3, 2xAPT: 1x3+1; guesthouse: 8x2, 8x2+1, 4xAPT: 1x3+1; apartments: 2x2+1, 2x3; cottage: 2x2+2; max. 109

Penzión Habovka

Penzión od 13 €
Types of rooms: 1xAPT: 1x2, 1x3, +2; 1xAPT: 1x2, 1x5, +2; max. 16

Penzión "Alojz" Habovka

Penzión "Alojz" od 7.5 €
Types of rooms: 3x2+1; 1xAPT: 1x4; max. 13

Penzión "Alpský dom" Vitanová

Penzión "Alpský dom" od 33 €
Types of rooms: 8x2; 4xAPT: 1x2, +2; max. 32

Penzión "Bajo" Vyšný Kubín

Penzión "Bajo" od 10 €
Types of rooms: 1xAPT: 1x2+1, 1x2+2, 1x4; 1xAPT: 2x2, 1x3; max. 18

Penzión "Borky" Vitanová

Penzión "Borky" od 8 €
Types of rooms: 2x2, 3x3, 3x3+1, 1xAPT: 1x4; max. 29

Penzión "Egeum" Zákamenné

Penzión "Egeum" od 13 €
Types of rooms: 1x1+2; 2x2+2; 1x3; 1x3+2; 1xAPT: 1x2; max. 21

Penzión "Family Pension" Habovka

Penzión "Family Pension" od 11 €
Types of rooms: 2xAPT: 1x2; 2xAPT: 1x3; 6xAPT: 1x2, 1x2+1; max. 40

Penzión "Kamzík" ** Habovka

Penzión "Kamzík" ** od 10 €
Types of rooms: 8x2, 8x3, 4x4, max. 56

Penzión "Kriš" Oravská Jasenica

Types of rooms: 2x3, 1x3+1; max. 10

Penzión "Oravský zrub" Nižná

Penzión "Oravský zrub" od 15 €
Types of rooms: 4x2, 5x2+1, max. 23

Penzión "Timea" * Zuberec

Penzión "Timea" * od 16 €
Types of rooms: 30

Rekreačný dom "Nina" Vitanová

Rekreačný dom "Nina" od 9 €
Types of rooms: 3x2+2; 2xAPT: 1x2+2; max. 20

Ubytovanie "u Stana" Zuberec

Ubytovanie "u Stana" od 8 €
Types of rooms: house: 1x2, 2x3, 1x4; guesthouse: 1xAPT: 1x3, 1x4, +2; 1xAPT: 1x2, 1x3; apartment: 3x2; max. 22

Wellness penzión "u Michala" Zuberec

Wellness penzión "u Michala" od 24.5 €
Types of rooms: 8x2, 2x2+1, 7x3, 1x APT: 1x4, 1x APT:1x5; max. 55

Family guesthouse

Ubytovanie "Erika" Vitanová

Ubytovanie "Erika" od 6 €
Types of rooms: in house 1: 1x2, 3x3, 2x4 - 2 bathrooms; in house 2: 2x3, 1x4; in house 3: 1x2, 3xstudio: 1x2, 1x3; in house 4: 2x2, 6x3; max. 68