Basic information

Turiec is a region in the south-west of the Žilina Self-governing Region defined by the high-altitude naturally-formed Turiec Basin. It is surrounded by a wreath of mountains – to the east the Veľká Fatra Mountains, to the south the Kremnica Mountains, to the south-west Žiar and in the west and north the Malá Fatra Mountains. The River Turiec forms the axis of the basin as it flows down to join the River Váh. The region is full of natural treasures, which have earned it the nickname “Turiec Garden”. At the end of the 19th century and the start of the 20th century the region was the cultural heartland of Slovakia. Many important writers, artists and dramatists lived and worked here. There are several national cultural heritage monuments in Martin and the wider Turiec region, the most important of which is the Matica slovenská.



Apartmán "Andrejka" Blatnica

Apartmán "Andrejka" od 40 €
Types of rooms: 1x2+2; max. 4

Ranch Amadeus Kláštor pod Znievom

Ranch Amadeus od 14 €
Types of rooms: 2xAPT: 1x4, +2, 5x cottage 1x2+1; max. 27


Chata "Sabina" Valča

Chata "Sabina" od 120 €
Types of rooms: 1x2, 1x4, 1x2+2; max. 10

Chata "u Hnilicu" Belá-Dulice

Chata "u Hnilicu" od 10 €
Types of rooms: 1x4, 1x6; min. 7, max. 10

Chata č. 157 Čremošné

Chata č. 157 od 15 €
Types of rooms: 2x3, max. 6

Chata č. 21 Čremošné

Chata č. 21 od 14 €
Types of rooms: 2x2, 2x2+1, max. 10

Chata č. 23 Čremošné

Chata č. 23 od 13 €
Types of rooms: 3x2, 1x2+1, max. 9


Horský hotel "Bartoška" Čremošné

Horský hotel "Bartoška" od 20 €
Types of rooms: 6x2, 9x3, 1xAPT: 2x2; 5x chata: 1x4, +2; max. 73

Hostel "U Yetiho" Valča

Types of rooms: 13x4; 3xAPT: 1x6; max. 70 – folding beds

Family run hotel

Penzión "Andrejkin dom" Blatnica

Penzión "Andrejkin dom" od 14 €
Types of rooms: 2x2, 2x2+2; max. 12

Penzión "Babia hora" Belá-Dulice

Penzión "Babia hora" od 22 €
Types of rooms: 3x2+1, 3x2+2, 3x3+1; max. 33

Penzión "Gader" Blatnica

Types of rooms: 1xAPT: 1x2+2; 1xAPT: 2x2+2; max. 12

Penzión "pod Pivnicou" ** Valča

Penzión "pod Pivnicou" ** od 15 €
Types of rooms: 7xAPT: 1x2,+2; 2x štúdio: 1x2; max. 32