Guesthouse "Kriváň" *** Korňa

This guesthouse provides accommodation in a picturesque environment of the Beskydy mountains for up to 50 persons. All rooms have their own bathroom and most of the rooms have east- or west-facing balcony, too. Except of other attractions it is worth to mention Bowling club, which is located on the property in the football arena. In addition to relax in the nature you can use pension's wellness facilities . The village styled restaurant serves classic meals as well as specialties as roast duck, roast goose, young pig, or other folk meals. Pension's facilities – especially Anežkina sála (Anežka's hall) create a perfect environment to celebrate company and social events. The attention of believers will be captured by the wooden statue of Holy Virgin in life size, which occupies  an honour place in the pension. The statue was carved out by master Anton Kadura.

Price from
  • Price pers./night: 15 €
Phone: +421 907 080 333, +421 907 499 423, +421 907 539 8