Guesthouse "Alojz" Habovka

Guest house Alojz offers its services in a reconstructed family house extension situated in one of the most beautiful part of Slovakia-in Habovka. Quartermasters do not offer accommodation to illegitimate couples.

On the first floor you can find accommodation in a four-bed room with a TV, social facility, and a kitchenette. Your privacy is guaranteed by a single entrance. The second floor consists of tree rooms with two beds and TV. The additional bed is available at your request. This floor is also equipped with a social facility and kitchenette. Thanks to a single entrance your privacy stays untroubled. In the exterior of the guest house you can find a place to recline. There is a wooden kiddie ride for kids and a table tennis for all age groups.

  • Types of rooms: 3x2+1; 1xAPT: 1x4; max. 13
Price from
  • Price pers./night: 7,5 €
Phone: +421 907 330 273; +421 907 085 602