Cottages "Gabo" Habovka

Two reconstructed cottages are located in the beautiful setting of the Western Tatras, in the village of Habovka. If you long for an uninterrupted calmness and want to escape some of the crowds, this destination is the right place to visit.

 In the bigger cottage, you can find accommodation in two apartments located upstairs. Both of them consist of two crossable rooms, sanitary facility, kitchenette, dining -room, and TV. In the same way equipped apartment is situated downstairs. There is a WiFi connection in the cottage. The cottage can be rented entirely for a large group or each apartment separately.

If you prefer an accommodation in a smaller building, you can choose the little cottage for five people. There are two bedrooms in the loft and on the ground floor, you can watch TV or cook. A social facility is included.

A newly-built summer house is a great place to relax. There is also a grill, trampoline, and a table-tennis in the garden. You can find football playgrounds nearby.

  • Types of rooms: A: 2x3, 1xAPT: 2x2; 1xAPT: 1x2, 1x3; B: 1x2, 1x3; max. 20
Price from
  • Price pers./night: 8 €
Phone: + 421 905 592 572